A-I-C offers a wide range of professional cleaning services.
We focus mainly on the professional market, but do not forget the private individual.

Vacuum cleaning

We are experienced in vacuuming liquids and dry substances. A-I- C has a number of advanced vacuum trucks that are used to vacuum both dry substances and liquids.

Vacuum cleaning of liquids
Our vacuum trucks are ideally suited for vacuuming both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids.

Vacuum cleaning of dry substances
In addition to vacuuming liquids, we employ our vacuum techniques in vacuuming both cold and hot dry substances such as sand, gravel, dust, hot ashes, pellets,... We employ our vacuum techniques for vacuuming :

  • Pipes and sewers
  • Tanks
  • Ships
  • Silos
  • Cellars
  • Wells
  • Reactors
  • Storage tanks and basins
  • Barrels
  • Spills

fully automatic bundle cleaner

High Pressure Cleaning

A-I-C is the place to go for all your high pressure cleaning needs. A-I-C has several mobile high-pressure machines that can handle cleaning jobs from 250 to 3,500 bar.

The advantage of high-pressure cleaning is that various contaminants can be removed quickly, efficiently and effortlessly. In order to offer the best service to our customers, we have a wide range of accessories available for our high-pressure machines:

Tank wash head

A-I-C has many types of tank wash heads that can be used for cleaning confined spaces or hard-to-reach places. Due to its fully automatic operation, cleaning is done in a safe and efficient way. (non-entry method) Applications: tanks, pipes, air ducts, reactors, dump points, boilers,...

Floor cleaner

The floor cleaner is used for removing all kinds of dirt and/or coatings and roughening of floors. The advantage of a floor cleaner is that the high-pressure jet is shielded. This is not only safer but also much more efficient.

Spray gun

Our spray guns, ranging from 250 to 2,500 bar, have all kinds of accessories such as: spot blasting, flat blasting and milling heads. Moreover, we have the latest nozzles that allow us to work in a quieter and more effective way.

Automated applications of high pressure cleaning

A-I-C uses automated applications in the field of high-pressure cleaning.

  • Semi- and fully automatic bundle cleaner

Semi- and fully automatic bundle cleaners replace the traditional way of cleaning where the heat exchanger pipes are manually sprayed through. With this bundle cleaning, the high-pressure hose or high-pressure rod is no longer held. One or more pipes can be cleaned from a distance at the same time, both for horizontal and vertical pipe bundles.

  • Wall robot

The wall robot is ideally suited for removing all kinds of paints, coatings, rust and dirt under the non-entry method. It is controlled by wireless remote control. The advantage of this is that there is no need to place scaffolding which allows for cost-saving work.

Chemical cleaning

Why should you choose chemical cleaning?

  • When high pressure is not enough
  • The cost inefficiency of other cleaning methods
  • The chemical composition of the product to be removed

Chemical cleaning involves a chemical reaction that dissolves the product to be removed, for this we use appropriate chemicals, these can be custom formulated. Before starting work, we carry out various tests to determine which products and concentrations give the best results. We then determine, in consultation with the customer, the optimal working method in the context of safety, environment and budget.

Chemical cleaning takes place until the contamination is removed. After cleaning, the plant is flushed so that all chemical residues are removed. A-I-C has the appropriate equipment to safely and efficiently perform the chemical cleaning and dispose of the waste residues to an approved processor.

Waste Management

Our waste policy relies on sustainability and environmental awareness. All our work is carried out with respect for people and the environment. We closely monitor waste flows with a quality assurance system coordinated by our safety advisor and environmental coordinator. Because we are recognized as a collector and transporter of hazardous, non-hazardous and animal waste, we offer our customers a total package in terms of waste processing.


A-I-C is recognized as a collector of hazardous, non-hazardous and animal waste. For this purpose we cooperate with a number of approved processors. Due to our years of experience in industrial services, we can offer our customers a suitable treatment method for waste disposal.


If our customers have already made their own arrangements for waste disposal, we act as waste carrier. We transport the waste material in question to an authorized treatment facility. In addition, at the request of our customers, we transport waste materials within the site or to other companies.


A-I-C oversees the mandatory separate collection of various industrial waste materials ( a.o. metal, rubble, wood, hazardous waste,...) according to art. 4.3.2 of VLAREMA. We refuse mixed waste streams that are not compliant. We have a sewer truck that recycles the water so that it can be reused, this is more economical but also environmentally friendly.

Temporary storage in cars or containers

We can provide our customers with containers for the temporary storage of certain substances. Pending transport, we make our trucks and containers temporarily available for storage.


A-I-C strives to meet customer needs, for this reason we offer multidisciplinary trained employees. Our employees can be deployed on a variety of jobs such as assisting with work that does not require trucks. For each job, we provide appropriate and efficient equipment so that the works are carried out successfully and efficiently.

We offer manual assistance services for :

  • Sweeping
  • Green maintenance
  • General maintenance work
  • General cleaning works
  • Clean-up work
  • Production work

Sewers and canals

A-I-C offers a total package for cleaning, inspecting and maintaining sewers and canals. Depending on the type of blockage, we provide a solution to clear the canal or sewer. This is always done under the supervision of our experienced site managers in the field of sewers and canals. The waste materials are always taken to a certified processor.


A-I-C works with licensed companies that specialize in sewer inspection. An inspection camera is used to map the problem. After the execution of the works, we provide our customers with a comprehensive inspection report.


You can hire us to perform preventive maintenance work on sewers and canals on a regular basis. This way, you can prevent problems in the future.

Drainage and clearance works

Both private and professional, you can contact us for :

  • Cleaning of heating oil tanks
  • Decommissioning of heating oil tanks
  • Removal of heating oil tanks
  • Cleaning of KWS separators
  • Cleaning of grease separators
  • Emptying and cleaning of sumps
  • Emptying and cleaning of ponds
  • Emptying and cleaning of wells

You can always contact us for a solution tailored to your business !