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    • Fast interventions
    • Personal approach
    • Innovative technologies
    • Health and Safety
    • Sustainable waste and environmental policy
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All Industrial Cleaning is a Belgian family business with years of experience in Industrial cleaning.

A-I-C has grown into an innovative company with great expertise in industrial, chemical and manual cleaning. We continue to invest in faster and safer techniques to optimize our cleaning, always paying attention to safety, environment, budget and the wishes of our customers.


AIC-Chemical BV

AIC-Chemical BV is a new branch of A-I-C BV, which has been offering cleaning services in the field of vacuum techniques and high pressure cleaning for many years.

AIC-Chemical BV includes the following disciplines:

  • Technical chemical cleaning of process installations
  • Pickling and passivation of stainless steel
  • The decontamination and steam monitoring of process units
  • Online cleaning of combustion installations, such as boilers, stoves, bio-combustion installations, powerplants, etc.
  • Investigation of contamination in our own laboratory

All the above work is carried out under continuous control in our fully equipped mobile laboratory unit,where we can monitor the contamination and adjust the process.

visit www.aic-chemical.com for more information.

AIC chemical

+32 9 342 91 29

Polfliet Ludwig:   +32 474 28 57 12

Polfliet Thijs:       +32 485 36 39 23

Fast intervention

We make it a point of honor ...

To be able to assist you immediately in case of urgent calls !

We offer our customers a fast, flexible and quality service. Typically, we are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. In any kind of calamities, accidents and urgent calls we are always available. We permanently have a number of employees and cars at our disposal, allowing us to be on site quickly to solve the problem.

Persoonlijke aanpak

Personal approach

A-I-C thinks with you, we come on site to analyze the work and hold a work meeting to ensure the most optimal execution of your cleaning. We strive to offer all our customers a customized solution. Flexibility coupled with fast service are our greatest assets. Our employees are multidisciplinary trained which allows them to be deployed in various manual activities.

Innovatieve Technologieën

Innovative technologies

A-I-C offers its customers mobile and modern cleaning systems, adapted to today's business culture! We strive for optimal results and use the latest innovations in mechanical cleaning, taking into account the customer's wishes !

veiligheid en gezondheid

Safety and health

Health and safety are important pillars in our company ! Our prevention department ensures that our health and safety policy is strictly applied. For each job, we always opt for the safest solution without compromising on efficiency and quality. Each intervention is accompanied by a risk analysis,after which the necessary PPE is provided to protect our operators. We also have a Life Support Unit.

Sustainable waste and environmental policy

We invest in policies aimed at the sustainable and proper treatment of waste.

To this end, we have integrated a quality assurance system into the daily operation of our company. This allows us to map the waste streams and intervene where necessary. Our company is recognized as a collector and transporter of hazardous and non-hazardous and animal waste.

We always advise our customers on the most sustainable and economically advantageous destination for the waste materials. We cooperate with approved processors for this purpose. We carry out every transport and provide the necessary documentation in accordance with legislation. Our drivers hold an ADR driving license and our trucks are ADR-licensed.



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