Vehicle fleet

High-pressure trucks

A-I-C has a diverse range of high-pressure pumps up to 1,200 bar and ultra-high-pressure pumps up to 3,500 bar that can handle both cold and hot cleaning jobs, the water can be heated up to 90°C. The capacity of our high pressure trucks depends on the type of work such as concrete remediation and Hydro blast. We also have a wide range of accessories available for each application.


  • Tank cleaning is done through an automatic tank wash head and requires about 250 liters/minute and 1,000 bar
  • Heat exchangers cleaning up to 3,000 bar with automated beam cleaning
  • Cold cutting of tanks and reinforced concrete is performed at pressures up to 3,500 bar
  • Remediation of concrete surfaces


  • Tank wash heads in various flow sizes, operating temperatures and construction.
  • Spray guns ranging from 250 to 2,500 bar
  • Floor and wall cleaners
  • Automated bundle cleaning

You can see the many different possibilities and applications with our high-pressure trucks.

Dry material suction truck

Our dry material trucks are ideally suited for vacuuming cold and hot dry substances such as sand, fly ash, cement, powders and blasting gravel. The substances can then be blown back into the installation or transported to another location. The trucks can also be used to vacuum up hazardous substances. Our dry-substance trucks have a capacity of 5500 m3/per hour, making them cost-effective. They are equipped with screw compressor or blower.

Vacuum Trucks

The vacuum trucks are used for:

  • Suction of liquid substances and self-unloading using own compressor or nitrogen up to 2 bar
  • Emptying of tanks, KWS separators,...
  • Appropriate hoses for each job (Ohmic, chemical or acid-resistant, wear-resistant, etc.).
  • Suction of ADR substances

Combi Trucks

A combi truck has the advantage of being a combination between a high pressure and a vacuum truck.
This application can be used for :

  • Sewer cleaning: this cleaning requires less pressure but more water +/- 400 liters of water per minute and +/- 300 bar
  • Calamities: suction of overflow + clean spraying of road surface, pump pit, tank site

Recycling Combi Truck

This cart can send the used water through the recycling system, thus reusing the water and reducing waste.

  • Less time wasted to fill the water
  • Continuous operation
  • Residual waste is concentrated sludge

Life Support Unit

AIC itself has a life Support Unit, this is an external system that serves to provide each entrant with fully self-contained breathing protection. This is to ensure safety if they need to enter a confined or narrow space. For example: tanks, basements, ...